Wednesday, October 2, 2013

D11@Docklands is an artist-led exhibition space that features curated exhibitions that support an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art practice. We offer a space where artists are encouraged to create and exhibit works of art outside their traditional media, to actively pursue collaborations and to extend their practice.

Commissioned by the City of Melbourne, MAB Corporation and Places Victoria, Docklands Spaces is a pilot initiative by Renew Australia to activate some of the currently underutilised spaces in Docklands through incubating short-term uses by creative enterprises and independent local initiatives. We are proud to have been chosen as one of the selected participants.


D11@Docklands features 2 huge exhibition spaces with ceilings almost 3.5m high, great natural light in the front gallery, a huge rear space suitable for immersive, video and sound work and excellent window frontage! Exhibiting artists are chosen for their willingness to create a discourse with both active and transient viewers and enthusiasm to discuss their work, as well as their working processes.

The gallery, coordinated by The Second Collective features exhibitions that are usually curated on a two-weekly basis. Shows involve groups, invited collaborations and solo exhibitions and performances supported by an late-afternoon/evening opening event, usually Saturdays 5-8pm.

The key people operating D11@Docklands are Michael Carolan, Tul Suwannakit, Beka Hannah, Caitlin Telford and Leonie Connellan.

Find us
Technically we are located at Shop 3, 427 Docklands Drive, Docklands.
D11@Docklands is located on the east side of the Waterfront City Piazza, just near Harbour Town.

We are easily accessible via the 48, 70 or 86 trams. Just get off at stop D11 (then wander 40 metres across the piazza and you've got us!)

We are also jut a few doors down from The Food Court, across the Piazza from (f)route and around the corner from The Front, all fellow Dockland Spaces initiatives.

Open hours during exhibitions are usually from 1-5pm Thurs-Sun.