Crisis Print: Feb 8, 2014

Front Gallery
CRISIS PRINT. A trajectory in print. Curated by Dale Nason.
Marseille > Mexico City > Oaxaca.

LE DERNIER CRI - Marseille, France.
Print editions: 1993 to the present.
LE DERNIER CRI is led by PAKITO BOLINO, key EU underground artist & publisher. They produce a range of work in Serigraphy and Off-offset. Their works are collected in major international collections, and they could be described as a benchmark in the establishment of a particular form of visceral, problematic book making, influencing an 'outsider revolution'. However their work is rarely seen here, & this will be the second exhibition of their works in Australia. Perspectives on both the general crises facing humanity, but also very peculiar obsessions and a nightmarish sense of humour are presented by artists they reproduce in print.
These include: Pakito Bolino, Caroline Sury, Kerozen, Sam Rictus, Andy Bolus, Sekitani, and many more.

ASARO - Oaxaca, Mexico.
Revolutionary Woodcuts: 2006 to the present.
Collective ASARO (Asamblea de artists revolutionaries de Oaxaca) use a street-art base for political woodcut work beginning in the unrest & eventual violence of a teachers strike in 2006. Urgent & raw. Featuring: Yescka, Cesar Chavez & Mario Guzman. This is the first exhibition of their works in Australia.
Works by Kevin McClosky (Kutztown, USA) are included. Kevin is an artist, academic & critical supporter of ASARO. He also uses woodcut to produce prints.

75 GRADOS - Mexico City, Mexico.
Recent works with a focus on 'Taller En Vida'.
75 Grados are led by master printer Arturo Negrete who hosts workshops called 'Taller en Vida' (Workshop in Life). Weekly events are held open to the wider community of both established but also young and emergent artists and designers. Pakito Bolino's participation with 75 Grados will be on show. As will the work of Chak Reel, assistant to Negrete, who represents his Mayan heritage in graphic works.

EL RINCON DE SABINA - Oaxaca, Mexico.
Serigraphy. Recent works.
El Rincon de Sabina, run by Alex Martinez, connects 75 Grados to Oaxaca. Likewise it is a silk screen printing studio, but has an expanded technique base including use of colours derived from cochinilla. The diversity of Oaxaca is captured vividly in a collaborative print entitled Star Oax, a collaboration between Martinez and Oe.

 Dale Nason presents this work in reflection upon journeying to Marseille, Mexico CIty & Oaxaca and visiting these studios. His interest in the cultural underground, and the way people communicate in situations of repression, chaos and both internal & external crises have led to study into trajectories both created & enabled by crisis. Establishing a print collection, and presenting this work to an Australian audience, is a connective process that Nason hopes will encourage participation & communication with critical & productive print making scenes."

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