Strange Attractor/Paper Dolls; April 12th, 2014

Strange Attractor
Grant Hill//Ben Howe//Paul Keller
(front gallery)

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;” So runs a line from a poem by W. B Yeats that imagines the earthly conditions which prefigure the Apocalypse and the Christian second coming. The line is prophetic; not so much of the end of the world but... of a mathematical phenomenon, a ‘strange attractor’, described some fifty years later by scientists researching non linear systems and chaos theory. I won’t baffle you with science, but think ‘The Butterfly Effect’; think order, flow, chaos; and then view the paintings of three Melbourne painters showing at D11 Gallery in the Docklands.

These three artists depict the world in a state of becoming; time doesn’t stand still in these works. They are not frantic images; there is an air of stillness about them, but a stillness that suggests change rather than stasis. Grant Hill has painted Australian suburbia in a state of slumber. He pictures the Great Australian Dream, the suburban house snug in its self-centered allotment. Paul Keller has also painted landscapes, although not of an Australian kind. Hieronymus Bosch meets Hello Kitty would best describe these exquisitely painted works. Ben Howe presents the urban streets as places of digital discord. Strolling figures dissolve and reform in binary bifurcation.

Paper Dolls
Curated by Melisa Delaney
(rear gallery)

A group show expanding on the theme of 'paper dolls' and leading from nostalgia / memory / dreams / the making of stories into a public space / place of secrets and whimsy.

Featuring: Susie Anderson, Melissa deLaney, Yasmin Keany, Jessica Knight, Jeremy Pryles, Lilly Rhiengold, Gemma Robertson, Laura Smith and Zoe Steers.

Opening night special selection including live nail art by Relational Cosmetics (between 6 – 7pm), one night only ‘you are golden’ installation by Daisy Catterall,

Performances by:
6pm hum noir by Hum Hum Hurrumph
6:30pm - Callum & the Big Order
7pm – Jessica Knight
7:15pm – Velcro

View full photoset here: D11@Docklands

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