Fear. (Presented by Coalesce ARI): Aug 29, 2013

Presented by Coalesce ARI
Curated by Phil Soliman

Fear has affected mankind and all that we do since the dawn of time, something so ingrained in our subconscious that sometimes it goes completely unnoticed, despite its intensely powerful effects. Eleven artists working across painting, sculpture, performance, video and installation, from all stages in their careers, face their worst fears: fear of failure, of the unknown, of social confrontation, of dying, of living, of... clowns, of hell, of family, of nothing in particular, just fear in its pure form, stripped of all context.


Lionel Bawden
Jade Burstall
Colby Cannon
Marianne Diaz
Bruce Dickson
Mike Hawkins
Samantha Heriz
Rosanne Johnson
Ashlee Laing Visual Artist
Gabrielle New
Lyndall Smythe
Phil Soliman
Oliver Wilcox

Supported by RMIT Link Arts & Culture.
View full photoset here.

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